Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Human Kindness: Would You Give Your Jacket To Johannes?

I just stumbled across this video on the internet of hidden cameras filming a boy with no coat at a bus stop in Norway.

Videos like this make me insides go happy.

Kerry x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Awkward Moments We All Experience

1. When the CD in the car jumps and your tuneless wail is heard by all.

2. When another cashier opens and run to it with no regard for anyone else in the queue you were already in. Then they look at you funny.

3. When you see an old school teacher outside in the real life world.

4. Hunting for change at a till and being scared everyone thinks you're poor because you only have one £1 coin somewhere in between all the coppers.

5. Seeing that person you Tweet occasionally and not knowing whether to say hi because you don't know if they even know it's you.

6. Almost dropping someone's baby when it throws it's head back

7. Asking someone if they're ill when they're not

8. Walking into a shop, not wanting to buy anything and trying to walk out with your best 'I'm not a shoplifter' face.

9. When you're on the phone to someone and they lose signal but you say 'okay, I'll speak to you later, bye' so you don't look crazy.

10. Giving the person at the till too much money and them handing you some back.

Kerry x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Topshop Wishlist: Drool Worthy Spring Pieces

The great thing about Spring in England is that we don't have to completely let go of the cute A/W layering just yet. Which means you can just ditch the tights (if you're feeling brave) and switch up your colours for a fresher, Spring look.

What piece can you simply not resist?

I think for me it'll be those boots - yum!


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